High Quality Video Delivery to the Web


Get full control over your web videos by hosting them on a private server.

Video-NewEngland uses the latest version of Sorenson Squeeze. Not only can we do a better job of compressiing your video properly for web delivery, but also we can provide you with a private viewing site before you go public. You can note the changes you want directly and not risk the possibility of an unintended version being viewed.

We also offer easy promotion of your video by adding your branding or other content on-the-fly to the beginning and/or end of an existing video

Adaptive Bit Rates for universal playback

We can encode your video for almost any internet viewing device and we produce faster and better encoding in all major formats including MPEG-DASH, Apple HLS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming and Adobe Flash Dynamic Streaming.

HTML5 Optimization
We can generate video files and HTML5 markup for multi-screen playback with automatic fallback formats for older browsers.