Video costs

Professional looking video requires a lot of equipment and usually at least two people in a crew. A good rule of thumb to follow is per minute costs. One minute of highly polished, good looking video is about $800. Ask anyone in the business. They will confirm this and possibly put it higher. So a three minute spot can easily cost $2,400.00. Why is the price this high? Well, most of it is in the equipment. To produce quality video one needs to use quality equipment. A simple, well lit interview may require about $40.000 worth of gear. Then, there is the crew. Crews might work for $500 per day. At a minimum you need two crewmen for a well produced to operate the camera and serve as the producer and the other to assemble the lighting and run the sound. In a professional operation, sound is always recorded separately and then synched to the camera's sound during the production phase or editing. The editing might require many hours to produce a highly polished 3 minute video with countless revisions.

In the interview situation on the above right, the talent had to speak for thirty seconds. It took four hours to get it perfect. So you see, costs add up. No one is making big money out this.

Now, you might be able to get away with less, but less will show in the final product, rather like champagne. It is always champagne..just like it is always video, but there are many grades of champagne. You really do get what you pay for.