Aerial Photography and Aerial Video

Aerial Real Estate Sample video

Video-NewEngland seeks to make your property appealing through creativity ad imagination. Whether it is real estate, an inn or bed and breakfast, we can make you look good.

Using aerial and floating camera techniques we can show not only outside aerial views but also floating shots of inside. Viewers can see not only landmarks outside and what it looks like leading up to the houes, but also where the bedroom is situated compared to the kitchen. Our cameras will show how the living room opens out onto a patio and how that patio is secluded by showing a view from high above.

Our Process
We will send our professional videographer to your location to film your property taking into account the key selling features you have specified.

After filming is completed our skilled editors will transform the footage into a 3-5 creative creative production to give your prospective client a full experience.

Upon your approval we will optimise the finished film with a copyright custom music sound track, narration if required, and custom graphics, such as your logo. Then we will compress it and deliver it to any internet server of your choice and incorporate it into your website design if needed.

FAA Compliance

The current state of "drone law". This article in Forbes explains the current state of affairs as of late February, 2015